Odontogenic myxoma. Clinical case presentation

Luis Ernesto Escamilla Cidel, Rafael Ruiz Rodriguez, Adalberto Mosqueda Taylor


Odontogenic myxoma are intraosseous lesions originating      in embrionic connective tissue. They are benign lesions but locally aggressive and  moderately recurrent.

Objective: Surgical tumor resection with immediate primary reconstruction to return function and aesthetics.

Case Report: A 29 year old female patient  attending ambulatory practice of the  Maxillofacial Surgery Clinic  for assessment and treatment. She presented volume increase and asymmetry in the right hemifacial region due to a tumor of approximately 5 year evolution, previously surgically treated to excise the lesion. Histological study reported piogenic granuloma. After surgery  the patient experienced a slow and progressive recurrence of the tumor, disabling the patient in  mastication, deglutition and breathing functions, and causing facial disfigurement.

Treatment: Incisional biopsy was performed. It reported odontogenic myxoma. In the operating theatre, with the patient under general anaesthesia, it is decided to perform the tumor resection with immediate primary reconstruction of the orbital region with an autogenous graft of the iliac crest  to later manufacture a palatine obturator.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.22201/fo.1870199xp.2011.15.4-ING.27885


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