Accelerated physical deterioration of in vitro ocular prostheses

Linda Sánchez González, Federico Barceló Santana, René Jiménez Castillo, Alejandro Benavides Ríos


Ocular prosthesis  is a  facial prosthesis mode  destined to alloplastically repair  partial or total loss of the ocular globe as well as  its several malformations. It is well established that  the best prosthetic rehabilitation has been obtained with acrylic resin ocular prosthesis. The aim of this study was to determine  aqueous absorption and solubility, as well asaccelerated physical deterioration degree such as change of color  of characterized and non characterized ocular prostheses. 30 eye shapers   were manufactured following the flasking  and characterizing UNAM technique.Aqueous sorption, solubility and accelerated deterioration tests were carried out. Turkey test and ANOVA analysis were applied to the results and a frequency graph was as well performed. Non characterized samples were reported as having greater sorption. Characterized samples were reported as having greater solubility; greater color changes were observed in the clear surface.

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