Mandibular desmoid tumor

Doroteo Vargas López, Ronald Rojas Villegas, Víctor García Alcaraz, Sara Guadalupe García Amador


Desmoid tumor is a fibroblastic proliferation of aponeurotic muscle tissue, fascia or periosteum of unknown etiology. It generally appears as a single tumor and can be related to Gardner`s Syndrome. It is considered a rare lesion, representing less than 0.03% of all tumors, with a annual incidence of 2-4 cases per 100.000 habitants. It usually appears  as a mass (body)with symptomatology associated to location. It has the potentialof achieving local invasion withoutprogressing to metastasis. These tumors experience high rates of local recurrence after surgery, even when  with wide margins have been respected.

A case of a 12 year old male patient is presented. He attended the Maxillofacial Surgery Service of the Hospital Regional Adolfo Lopez Mateos due to a volume increase of the left ascending mandibular ramus.

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