Radicular synostosis: frequency study using panoramic x-rays as diagnostic method

Diego Vázquez, Pedro Hetch, María Elisa Martínez


Root synostosis is  the term used to describe root fusion in a multi-rooted tooth, and  which confers it with a single-rooted appearance. During  tooth extraction procedures, an enclosed mandibular canal can be found between two roots and the nerve vascular bundle can result damaged. In endodontic procedures, it is more probable to find C-shaped canals, which will render treatment more exacting. These teeth  used to suffer unfavorable diagnosis in periodontal treatments due to the disappearance of the inter-dental bone septum.

The aim of the present study was to determine frequency of root synostosis cases in patients seeking treatment at the Radiology Service of the Buenos Aires School of Dentistry. Patients were remitted from other University services, as well as hospitals and welfare centers located in Buenos Aires. Patients arrived with written prescription for panoramic x rays.

Method: The sample consisted of 1000 patients, ages ranking 3 to 92 years. Panoramic x rays showed 797 synostoses cases. 64% of  them were found in  female patients and 36% in males. In the sample, 40.7% were of upper third molars, 19.9 right and 20.8% left  , 29.6% were second upper molars, 14.8% right and 14.8% left; In lower third molars, the proportions were as follows: total :17%, 8.9% right , 8.1 left, These were the teeth where grater amount of synostosis cases were found.  Variable analysis showed a statistically significant difference among ages analyzed by decades of life, but no difference was found between gender of patients.

In this study, we demonstrated the value of conventional routine panoramic images to detect root synostoses, as well as the possibility of performing more complex exams in order to ensure the proper and accurate diagnosis of this pathological entity

Palabras clave

Frequency study, radicular synostosis, panoramic x-rays

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.22201/fo.1870199xp.2012.16.2-ING.30916


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