Multi-disciplinary approach for rehabilitation of a partially edentulous patient : case presentation

Carolina Sánchez Zuñiga, Carolina Higashida Guerrero, Humberto Ballado Nava, Adriana Peniche Becerra


Multidisciplinary treatment for oral rehabilitation of a partially edentulous patient with atrophic process is paramount to emit correct diagnosis and to determine the most convenient treatment plan which might restore  appropriate masticatory function and adequate aesthetics. The clinical case here presented is that of a partially edentulous 51 year old male. The periodontics, prosthetics, and orthodontic departments jointly concurred in emitting a total rehabilitation diagnosis. As part of the treatment, it was decided to orthodontically extrude upper right central and lateral incisors in order to achieve enhanced bone levels. Five months into the treatment, four implants were put into place; in a simultaneous fashion, elevation of the maxillary sinus floor was undertaken. This process was performed with  the Caldwell Luc technique, with the use of an electrical hand-piece device. During the same surgical procedure, another implant was placed in the area of the left upper first molar. Elevation of the sinus floor was conducted following Summers technique. Six months after placing the implants, implants were uncovered     and healing abutments were put into place. Three months later, a prosthetic rehabilitation was initiated by placing an implant-supported prosthesis on the right side of the upper jaw, a single zircon crown on the implant in the first upper left molar, and a bilateral, partially removable prosthesis on the lower jaw. Achieved results, with respect to function and aesthetics, were deemed satisfactory by the patient.

Palabras clave

Maxillary sinus floor elevation, piezoelectric, periimplant tissue, slow force extrusion, zirkon

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