Use of sodium Hypochlorite in root canal irrigation. Opinion survey and concentration in commercial products

Ángel Cárdenas Bahena, Sergio Sánchez García, Carlos Tinajero Morales, Víctor Manuel González Rodríguez, Laura Baires Várguez


Objective: To determine hypochlorite concentration of solutions used for root canal irrigation and compare them with concentrations deemed as “ideal” in scientific literature ( 5.25% and 2.5% (w / v))


Opinion survey among endodontic specialists to ascertain sodium hypochlorite commercial brand most used in root canals irrigation. Iodometric titration to determine solution concentrations. Clorox Regular Bleach ( Oakland, California) commercial brand most referred to in literature. Mean comparison  of different commercial brands and lots. Concentrations deemed ideal 5.25% and 2.5% (w / v).


Commercial brands of sodium hypochlorite most used by 192 endodontic specialists were as follows: Cloralex ( 43.2%), Concentrated Clorox (30.2%), Viarzoni-t (16.7%), Great Value ( 1.0%), “Los Patitos” (0.5%) and other brands ( 8.3%). Concentration ( mean IC 95%) of Clorox Regular Bleach (6.34%, 6.32 – 6.36) Concentrated Clorox ( 5.43%, 5.42-5.45%), Cloralex  (5.40%, %.38-5.41), Great Value ( 6.21% 6.19-6.23) and “ Los Patitos” ( 5.82%, 5.80-5.83) exceeded a 5.25% sodium hypochlorite concentration. Viarzone-T ( 2.86%, 2.85-2.87)  rated above the 2.5% hypochlorite  concentration. There were statistically significant differences (p≤0.001) among averages of different commercial brands and lots, with respect to concentrations deemed as ideal (5.25% and 2.5% (w/ v ).


Hypochlorite concentrations in commonly used commercial products are not the concentration recommended in scientific literature ( 5.25% w/v and 2.5 % w/v). This can cause tissue damage in cases when hypochlorite solutions are improperly used without field isolation

Palabras clave

Sodium hypochlorite, root canal irrigation, iodometric titration

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