Use of titanium mesh to rebuild “blow-out” fractures. Clinical Case Report.

J Gerardo González Masso, Arturo Gómez Pedroso Balandrano


Fractures located in the orbital floor, medial wall, lateral wall and orbital roof may occur isolated,  combined, or in association to other facial fractures, this will depend on the level of energy transmitted during the process of the injury. “Blow-out” fractures of the orbit, are those fractures of the orbital wall in which the orbital rim remains intact.

The mechanism of these fractures is due to the sudden increase of intra-orbital pressure, such as trauma to the soft tissues of the orbit caused by a tennis ball or the blow of a human fist.

The aim of this article is to describe one orbital floor reconstruction technique conducted with the placement of a titanium mesh and post-operative evolution of a patient attending the regional hospital “Lic Adolfo Lopez  Mateos” ISSSTE, Mexico City.

Palabras clave

Orbital fracture, orbital floor, blow-out fracture.

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