Prosthetic and surgical treatment of patient previously subjected to hemi-mandibulectomy

Jorge Ernesto Sistos Ramírez, René Jiménez Castillo, Alejandro Benavides Ríos


In general terms, the best rehabilitation options for patientspreviously subjected to hemi-mandibulectomy are far beyondtheir financial possibilities. For this reason surgical-prostheticreconstructive approach is mainly restricted to the use of moreaffordable materials such as Kirschner wire and methyl-methacrylateimmediate prostheses. The latter are widely recommended dueto their low cost, ease of handling, and because they prevent softtissue atrophy. A clinical case is reported in this article: 25 yearold male patient seeking treatment at the Oncology Service of theHospital General de Mexico (Mexico’s General Hospital) due to thepresence of a volume increase in the area of the left mandibularangle. Microscopic analysis revealed presence of mixed maligntumor ( fi nal histopathological diagnosis). It was decided to performhemi-mandibulectomy of involved area, with reconstruction oflost bone segment by means of positioning an immediate methylmethacrylate prosthesis (thermosetting methyl). The prosthesis wasfi xated with osteosynthesis wire at both resection margins, at 3 mmabove the cortex.

Palabras clave

Hemi-mandibulectomy, mandibular prosthesis, methyl-methacrylate

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