Apical curettage and retrograde obturation without apicoectomy. Clinical case presentation

María Elena Hofmann Salcedo, Ana Gabriela Carrillo Várguez, Julio César García Briones, Dulce Yicel Magaña Mancillas, Santa Rosario Zamora Ibarra, Alberto Gaitán Luis Cepeda


Apical curettage with apicoectomy is a component of many endodontic surgical procedures. It purports the aim of removing any contents present inside the surgical cavity, such as granulation tissue, cystic membrane remnants, or foreign bodies, as well as removing the involved dental apex. Nevertheless, in some cases, performing an apicoectomy can negatively infl uence the restoration’s stability;in these cases an alternative treatment could be performing apical curettage without apicoectomy. The present article documents aclinical case where apical curettage and retrograde obturation with mineral trioxide aggregate cement were performed on a tooth where previous conventional endodontic treatment had failed.

Palabras clave

Apical curettage, apicoectomy retrograde obturation, MTA cement

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.22201/fo.1870199xp.2015.19.1-ING.45515


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