Non surgical periodontal treatment in patients with gingivitis and moderate periodontitis. Biochemical and microbiological response

Susana Macín-Cabrera, Mariano Sanz-Alonso, Laura Castrillón-Rivera, Alejandro Palma-Ramos, Norma Noguez-Méndez, Carlos Quirino-Barreda, Alejandro Rubio-Martínez


Objective: To ascertain infl ammatory response through interleukin1β presence and identify pathogenic microorganisms as possibleimmunological and microbiological markers in diagnosis andtreatment non-surgical periodontal in patients with gingivitis and moderate chronic periodontitis in a sample of Mexican population.Material and methods: In the present prospective cohort study,18 patients with signs of gingivitis and 17 patients with moderatechronic periodontitis were selected. Samples of subgingival biofi lmand of crevicular gingival fl uid were collected. Interleukin 1β wasquantifi ed during the pre-treatment, post-treatment and maintenancephases of the non- surgical periodontal treatment. Continuousvariables were analyzed with the Student test, as well as categoricalvariables which were analyzed with the Turkey-Kramer test. For independentgroups the Pearson test was used. Results: Microbiologicalresponse variables showed that Porphyromonas gingivalisPrevotella intermedia, Fusobacterium nucleatum, Aggregatibacteractinomycetemcomitans significantly decreased in subjects withgingivitis, Porphyromonas gingivalis, Tannerella forsythia, Fusobacteriumnucleatum, Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans andActinomyces ssp. decreased in cases. Biochemical response variablesshowed signifi cant decrease in IL-1β concentration and totalcount in individuals with moderate chronic periodontitis in treatmentmaintenance phase. The same result applied to clinical responsevariables. Conclusions: There is a decrease in Interleukine 1β levels with decrease in microflora. Interleukin 1β are sensitive markersfor diagnosis of periodontal disease and assessment of its severity.

Palabras clave

Non surgical periodontal treatment, Mexican population, gingivitis, moderate periodontitis.

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