Assessment of improved glass ionomer microleakage (Ketac Molar Easymix®) with or without use of a conditioner

Alejandra Jiménez Arribas, Adolfo Yamamoto Nagano


The aim of the present study was to assess microleakage experienced by improved glass ionomer (Ketac Molar Easymix®)with and without use of conditioner. In order to conduct this study, 40 third molars were used. Molars had previously been extracted,cleansed and hydrated. Two 20 randomly selected sample groupswere established. Samples were subjected to prophylaxis andclass V cavities were created on the vestibular (labial) surfaceof the teeth. Before ionomer application, and according tomanu facturer’s instructions, group A received a polyacrylic acidconditioner. Whereas group B received direct ionomer application. All samples were subjected to a thermo-cycling process and thenwere immersed in a 1% methylene blue solution for 30 minutes. Allmolars were sectioned with carbide burr executing longitudinal cutsat the preparation´s center. Each section was carefully examinedunder the microscope. Samples were rated and the following wasobserved: microleakage, for group A was 2.06% and for group B1.84% which did not represent statistically signifi cant differences. It can therefore be concluded that application of conditioner in thistype of cavities and with this particular material does not causestatistically signifi cant differences

Palabras clave

Glass ionomer, microleakage, conditioner, polyacrylic acid

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