Comprehensive prosthetic rehabilitation in absence of the maxilla. Clinical case report

María de Lourdes Mendoza Ugalde, José Federico Torres Terán, René Jiménez Castillo


Maxillofacial Prosthesis studies comprehend two main branches:oral and facial. In the mouth, some defects caused by unilateral orbilateral maxillectomies performed as part of head and neck cancer treatment, leave structural, functional and psychological sequels.This gives rise to the need of a comprehensive prosthetic rehabilitation.To this end, palate prostheses are used, which offer patients´reinsertion into society as well as better quality of life. In the presentclinical case, the shutter was placed in a situation of complete absenceof the maxilla , achieving thus function re-establishment andacceptable aesthetics

Palabras clave

Maxillofacial prosthesis, maxillectomy, squamous cell carcinoma, palatal shutter, mini-implants, distraction osteogenesis, zygomatic implants.

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