Comparison of marginal fi t of zirconia copings manufactured with the use of two CAD/CAM systems Cerec InLab (Sirona®) CAD/CAM Zirkonzahn (Zirkonzahn®) and Zirkograph 025 ECO pantographic system (manual milling system) (Zirkonzahn®)

María José Jiménez Suárez, Fernando Sandoval Vernimmen, Estefanía Alexandra Rodríguez Merchán


Objective: To compare marginal fi t of zirconia copings manufactured following two different systems: CAD/CAM Cerec InLab (Sirona®) and Zirkonzahn (Zirkonzahn®) as well as a Zirkograph 025 ECO (Zirkonzahn®) pantograph system. Material and methods: A master Cr-Co model stump was manufactured; it was prepared for the zirconia crown of an upper premolar. Ten zirconia copings were manufactured for each group following manufacturer’s instructions. Control group consisted on ten metallic copings. A replication technique was followed using elite HD+ polyvinyl siloxane
(Zhermack®). Measurements were taken using a stereomicroscope at 50x magnifi cation so as to obtain marginal width in microns and thus determine absolute marginal discrepancy of each coping. Statistical analysis was conducted using IBM SPSS® software. T-test study was conducted in order to compare obtained data. Results:
Mean marginal absolute discrepancy and marginal width were
as follows: 92.14 ± 38.59 and 78.62 ± 31.33 μm for Cerec InLab (Sirona®) CAD/CAM system, 38.71 ± 12.62 and 36.91 ± 13.56 μm for Zirkonzahn (Zirkonzahn®) CAD/CAM system, 77.92 ± 38.01 and 69.42 ± 33.23 μm for Zirkograph 025 ECO (Zirkonzahn®) pantograph system. Control group made of metal copings exhibited 44.11 ± 15.36 and 43.74 ± 15.70 μm. With respect to absolute marginal discrepancy and marginal width, significant differences were observed when comparing Cerec InLab (Sirona®) and Zirkograph 025
ECO (Zirkonzahn®) with control group. Nevertheless, no signifi cant differences were observed between Zirkonzahn (Zirkonzahn®) CAD/CAM system and the control group. Overall level of statistical signifi cance was p > 0.001. Conclusions: Zirkonzahn® CAD/CAM system was the most accurate system of all. CAD/CAM Cerec InLab system (Sirona®) proved to be the less precise system.

Palabras clave

CAD/CAM, marginal discrepancy, zirconia, pantograph (milling) systems.

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