Corticotomy: historical perspective

Patricia Olguín Vargas, Beatriz Raquel Yáñez Ocampo


Introduction: An exposition is presented of different techniques and philosophies provided through time for corticotomy procedures from its origin or first listing in 1892 to the present or last modifi cation in 2012. Method: Bibliographic search was undertaken on the subject of corticotomy in order to document modifi cations experienced by their surgical technique and offer evidence which might allow to make decisions based on scientifi c evidence. Results: Presentation of a series of tables where all techniques are recorded, including authors and years of description or proposal. Conclusions: Mechanism behind corticotomy procedures can be summarized as the induction of bone metabolism through decortication executed around teeth that are going to be moved to increase bone replacement, this improves and accelerates orthodontic tooth movement.

Palabras clave

Corticotomy, accelerated osteogenic orthodontics (AOO), periodontally accelerated osteogenic orthodontics (PAOO).

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