Re-implantation, ankylosis and replacement with implant. Clinical case presentation

Cindy Flores Gracia, Filiberto Enríquez Habib


Re-implantation is a procedure whereby an accidentally or
intentionally fully luxated tooth is placed in a socket. It is considered a form of tooth transplant. This treatment can adequately function, in certain cases, ankylosis might be present. This process can be defined as fusion of tooth and alveolar bone. Objective: Presentation of a re-implanted, ankylosed endodontically treated tooth with root resorption and replacement of this tooth with dental implant. Case presentation: A 32 year old female patient was referred to Periodontics and Implantology Department due to bone resorption of tooth number 12. Dental history reported by patient informed that tooth was extracted and intentionally re-implanted after endodontic treatment. After thirteen years the crown fractured, radiographic examination revealed external root resorption and ankylosis. Treatment consisted on guided bone regeneration after extraction and placement of 3i® implant (3.5 × 15 mm) with immediate load, the gingival margin was modified by means of gingivoplasty procedure and increase of provisional’s crown contour. In order to improve esthetics and morphology of keratinized gingiva, muco-gingival plastic surgery was conducted with rotary instruments. Results: One year later, rehabilitation was completed with a screwed-in, fi xed porcelain crown.

Palabras clave

Ankylosis, re-implantation, implant, gingivoplasty

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