Solitary mandibular bone cyst. Case report and literature review

Gabriela Wong Romo, Erick Carrillo Terán, Esther Ángeles Varela


Solitary bone cyst of the mandible is an intra-osseous cavity lacking epithelial lining considered a pseudocyst. Due to its uncertain etiology and pathogenesis, it has received several names such as traumatic bone cyst or idiopathic bone cyst. From a clinical perspective, it is oftentimes an asymptomatic lesion, with festooned borders when located between dental roots. It is an empty cavity but might contain blood, serous or serous-hematic fluid and can be perceived in routine X-ray examinations. The present article describes the case of a solitary bone cyst located in the body of the mandible of a 17-year old female patient. Affl icted with Fallot’s tetralogy. Clinical, diagnostic and radiologic aspects as well as treatment are described.

Palabras clave

Simple bone cyst, solitary bone cyst, traumatic bone cyst, haemorrhagic bone cyst, single chamber bone cyst, extravasation bone cyst, idiopathic bone cavity, progressive bone cavity.

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