Inflammatory response of Bioceramic material to dentin tube implantation in rats’ subcutaneous tissue

Norberto J Broon, Paola Anahí Martínez Martínez, Gloria Leticia Ramírez Muñiz, Carlos Tinajero Morales, León Héctor Lagunas Ángeles, Clovis M Bramante


The aim of the present article was to assess infl ammatory response caused by implantation of Bioceramic material in rats’ subcutaneous tissue. Nine male Wistar rats were used (Rattus Norvegicus) to which four dentin tubes filled with Bioceramic sealing cement material and one empty tube (control group) were implanted.
Results were analyzed in three time periods (96 hours, 10 and 21 days). Animals were sacrifi ced by anesthetic overdose. Obtained samples were processed by hematoxylin and eosin staining in order to be analyzed with microscope. Results after 96 hours revealed moderate inflammation in 75% of all cases and severe inflammation in 25% of all cases. Ten days later, inflammation decreased from moderate (67%) to mild (25%). At the fi nal period of 21 days, moderate to mild infl ammation was observed (50%).
It was concluded that there was presence of moderate to severe infl ammation at initial periods which decreased to mild infl ammation at the final period. «Bioceramic» brand material exhibits acceptable biological response in rats’ subcutaneous tissues.

Palabras clave

Bioceramic, infl ammation, biocompatibility, mineral trioxide aggregate

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