Hybrid rehabilitation conducted in a patient afflicted with Goldenhar’s syndrome. Case report

Iván Israel Ferat Conde, Federico Torres Terán, María de Lourdes Mendoza Ugalde


Goldenhar’s syndrome, named after Dr M Goldenhar, is normally reserved for cases presenting hemi-facial microsomy. This syndrome normally affects upper and lower jaws, pinna, and adjacent tissues in a hemi-face. The target of this rehabilitation is to restore to its maximum possible extent patient’s esthetics and masticatory function. We present intra-oral rehabilitation of a Goldenhar Syndrome patient who attended the maxillofacial prosthesis clinic. The patient exhibited complete edentulism, maxillary and mandibular hypoplasia (this latter compensated
with a titanium chain). Prosthetic bi-maxillary rehabilitation was undertaken, bearing in mind circumstances of facial asymmetry, mandibular movement limitations and decreased alveolar ridges. Treatment was mainly focused on improvement of esthetic, phonetic and masticatory functions, which, as a whole are crucial in patient´s day-to-day life and quality of life.

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Goldenhar, hybrid rehabilitation

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.rodmex.2016.08.018


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