Gingival enlargement resolution by means of non-surgical periodontal therapy: case report

Rafael Soriano Angulo, Andreé Cáceres La Torre


Gingival enlargement is a chronic inflammatory lesion caused
by bacterial plaque. It appears as a tumefaction at the level of the inter-dental papilla and/or marginal gingival tissue; it can be localized or generalized. It exhibits slow and painless progression and can be exacerbated by hormonal causes or use of drugs. The present article studies the case of a patient affl icted with gingival enlargement and gingival lesions induced by bacterial plaque. The case was resolved with use of non surgical periodontal therapy. For seven days, antibiotic therapy and manual therapy were conducted. Re-evaluation one month later revealed resolution of the enlargement, decrease of infl ammation, suppuration, periodontal pocket percentage and degree of dental mobility; periodontal maintenance was executed at that point. After three months, decrease of periodontal pockets percentage and degree of dental mobility were observed; at that point maintenance periodontal
therapy was conducted.

Palabras clave

Gingival enlargement, non surgical periodontal therapy, periodontal therapy.

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