Descriptive aspects of odontoma: literature review

Lucía Thistle Barba, Daniela Muela Campos, Víctor A Ríos Barrera, Alfredo Nevárez Rascón


Odontoma is the most commonly found odontogenic tumor (35-76%). Odontoma is a benign tumor originating from an alteration of differentiated mesenchymal and epithelial odontogenic cells; it has the capacity of forming enamel, dentin and cement. They are classified into compound and complex, in a 2:1 relationship, the difference between both being dental tissue organization.
Etiology is still unknown but relation to infections, hereditary
anomalies, odontoblastic hyperactivity and trauma has been
explored. Since these tumors are asymptomatic, 75% of all cases are diagnosed before the second decade of life, due to a delay in eruption of permanent teeth. Treatment of choice for these tumors is enucleation, attempting to preserve the tooth; relapse is very uncommon.

Palabras clave

Odontoma, complex odontoma, compound odontoma, odontogenic tumor, impacted retained tooth

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