Inter-examiner concordance in the assessment of periodontal fi ndings by means of panoramic X-rays

Antonio Díaz Caballero, Yuritza Hernández Arenas, Saray Montalvo Acosta


Objective: To assess the degree of inter-examiner concordance in the interpretation of periodontal fi ndings in panoramic X-rays in last year students of the School of Dentistry at the University of Colombia. Material and methods: A descriptive inter-observer concordance-consistency study was conducted for interpretation of periodontal findings in panoramic X-rays among last year students of the School of Dentistry of the University of Colombia and compared results to thos obtained by a periodontics specialist. Concordance evaluation was achieved by means of a kappa coefficient using SPSS Statistics 2.0 program. Results: 80 last year students (undergraduate seniors) were evaluated each one assessed two panoramic X-rays, for a total of 160 observations. General concordance established a minimum kappa value of 0.011, and maximum value of 0.720. Conclusions: Concordance among observing students and the gold standard was poor. This indicated that students did not apply acquired knowledge during their undergraduate dental studies, and provided thus a misleading impression on the circumstances of the periodontium.

Palabras clave

Chronic periodontitis, panoramic X-ray, inter-examiner variability, diagnosis, periodontics, (MeSH).

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