Gingival and bone tissue healing in lower third molar surgeries. Comparative study between use of platelet rich fi brin versus physiological healing

Galo Fernando Guzmán Castillo, Mayra Elizabeth Paltas Miranda, Juan Andrés Benenaula Bojorque, Katerine Isabel Núñez Barragán, Denisse Vanessa Simbaña García


Retained third molars are teeth linked to several conditions of the mouth, therefore, in most cases, surgical extraction is required. Surgical procedures undertaken to extract retained third molars bring about surgical procedures effects. The aim of the present study was to determine healing effectiveness in bone and gingival tissue with use of platelet rich fi brin in surgical procedures involving lower third molar extraction performed at the Surgical Center of the School of Dentistry, Central University of Ecuador in the period comprised May-September 2015. A comparative study was performed of 30 patients meeting inclusion criteria. Eight days after extraction, patients were controlled by means of direct observation of surgical site; 60 days after extraction, a digital panoramic X-ray of the jaws was taken and analyzed with software RadiAnt DICOM Viewer. For soft tissue, healing results were obtained with χ2 test p < 0.001, and for bone tissue results were obtained with t-Student test p = 0.015.

Palabras clave

Third molars, platelets, wound healing (scarring).

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