Maxillary sinus pneumatization prevalence in Military Geriatric Hospital population

Sixto García Linares, Lizeth Villaverde Moscol


Objective: The aim of the present study was to assess prevalence of maxillary sinus pneumatization and its relationship to loss of adjacent teeth, in a geriatric Peruvian population treated at a geriatric center recognized for the comprehensive medical care it provides to elderly patients. Material and methods: A sample of 60 panoramic X-rays were gathered from the dental service of the Military Geriatric Clinic at Chorrillos. Millimeter count of maxillary sinus pneumatization was conducted with a standardized millimeter template. Results: From a total of 60 X-rays, 51 were selected for the study. Grade 4 pneumatization was observed (50%) in the mesial wall, grade 4 pneumatization was observed in the medial wall (57.1%) and grade 3 pneumatization was observed in the distal wall (64.7%). Conclusions: Based on results of the present study it could be concluded that there was higher maxillary sinus pneumatization degree when there were at least two teeth adjacent to the edentulous side.

Palabras clave

Maxillary sinus, anatomy, dental socket, immediate implant load.

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