Placement of dental implants in atrophic jaw with divided crest and ridge expansion technique

Juan Reyes Doimi, Guillermo Mauricio Aguirre Balseca, Andreé Cáceres La Torre


The present case report describes placement of tooth implants in a patient with history of smoking, exhibiting severe, chronic periodontitis and maxillary atrophy with horizontal bone volume defi ciency. Simultaneously to implant placement, the technique of divided crest, ridge expansion and bovine bone graft placement was used. After six months, bone integration of all implants was observed and a hybrid, implant-supported prosthesis was manufactured (full bone anchorage). Finally the case was followed for 18 months without observing any complications, and with satisfactory functional and esthetic results for the patient.

Palabras clave

Crest expansion technique, bone ridge expansion, ridge increase

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