Comparison of OxOral® and NaOCl irrigants efficiency in Enterococcus faecalis elimination

Arely Herrera Saucedo, Marco Antonio Corona Guerra, Francisco Javier Vara Padilla, Dulce Haydeé Gutiérrez Valdez, Sandra Laura Alavez Rebollo


Objective: To compare effectiveness of OxOral® versus sodium hypochlorite in Enterococcus faecalis elimination at 15 and 60 seconds. Material and methods: Material used in the study was 36 E. faecalis ATCC 29212 cultures assigned to two groups: OxOral® and 5.25% sodium hypochlorite. Both groups were in turn divided into 15 and 60 second samples. Samples were placed in peptone water, 1 mL of irrigating solution and 1 mL of strain were left to rest. 1 mL was extracted at each time, samples were seeded into blood agar for 24 hours. Mann-Whitney U test was applied. Results: With sodium hypochlorite at 15 seconds, there were three cultures with acceptable growth and six with extended growth; at 60 seconds four cultures exhibited effective result, three acceptable and one extended. With OxOral® there was extended growth in all nine cultures at both established times, significant statistical differences were found at the 60 seconds time (p < 0.01). Conclusion: E. faecalis elimination was better with sodium hypochlorite at 60 seconds.

Palabras clave

E. faecalis, sodium hypochlorite, OxOral®, effectiveness

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