Oral pyogenic granuloma diagnosis and treatment: a series of cases

Carla Gadea Rosa, Andrea Cartagena Lay, Andreé Cáceres La Torre


The present article purports the aim of showing, in a series of cases, the application of excisional biopsy with gingivoplasty technique as treatment of pyogenic granuloma. It can be observed that accurate excision as well as elimination of contributing factors considerably decreases recurrence probabilities. Presence of pyogenic granuloma has been described in this report of a series of cases related to pregnancy, local factors such as absence of interproximal contact, presence of calculi and poor oral hygiene indexes. Moreover, it is recommended that oral hygiene instruction be the first step in treatment of pyogenic granuloma, and that after lesion excision patients receive supporting periodontal therapy.

Palabras clave

Pyogenic granuloma, inflammatory hyperplasia, gingival neoplasia

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.rodmex.2018.01.015


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