Use of fibrin-rich plasma in bone-repair endondontic procedures. Report of two clinical cases

Gustavo Yábar Villafuerte, Yuly Becerra Quiñones, Gustavo Alberto Obando Pereda


Introduction: Chronic periapical lesions cause bone defects in the apical area of compromised teeth. Standard therapy requires osteotomy, apex removal and profuse curettage to remove granulomatous and infected tissue, thus leaving a bone defect in its wake. Report of two cases: Two patients with periapical lesions were subjected to apicoectomy procedure where fi brin-rich plasma was placed as bone fi lling. Treatment was effective, since after 30 days a radio opaque area was radiographically observed, suggesting bone formation. Conclusion: Use of fi brin-rich plasma as bone filling after paraendodontic surgeries could represent a suitable alternative to commercial bone fi llings, due to its bone induction properties.

Palabras clave

Fibrin, apicoectomy, periapical disease.

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