Rotary instrumentation: usage, separation and effect on postoperative endodontic complications

José Leonardo Jiménez-Ortiz, Alma Nidia Nidia Calderón Porras, Benjamín Tello García, Héctor Manuel Hernández Navarro


Introduction of nickel-titanium instruments in the field of endodontics has made conventional root canal therapy more predictable and efficient. However, despite improvements in file designs and metal alloys, fracture of rotary instruments during endodontic treatment still represents a problematic, unwanted and frustrating complication. File separation often results from incorrect use or overuse of an endodontic instrument. If breakage occurs, patients should be informed about the incident and consideration should be given to whether or not to remove the fragment. This report describes a five year follow-up case of a mandibular molar with two separated endodontic rotary instruments lodged into the mesio-buccal and mesio-lingual canals which did not negatively affect the outcome of root canal treatment.

Palabras clave

Endodontics, rotary instruments, fracture, outcome

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