Multi-disciplinary treatment of female patient afflicted with generalized aggressive periodontitis and type 1 diabetes mellitus

Evelyn Vásquez Ciriaco, María del Carmen López Buendía


The impact of systemic diseases on oral health has been well documented. Certain systemic disorders can modify the host’s immune response to periodontal pathogens, thus exacerbating the severity of the periodontal disease. Among systemic diseases, uncontrolled diabetes mellitus is associated to periodontal disease. Aggressive periodontitis can appear in young adults and elicit rapid destruction of the periodontal insertion apparatus. Severe loss of periodontal support present in these cases hinders prognosis of affected teeth, and thus, the clinician faces complications when designing treatment plans and deciding upon extraction or non extraction of compromised teeth. Accomplishment of comprehensive treatment requires participation of other fields of dentistry. The aim of the present study was to present the multi-disciplinary treatment of a 17-year-old female patient afflicted with type 1 diabetes mellitus and generalized aggressive periodontitis, and present results obtained one year after completion of treatment.

Palabras clave

Aggressive periodontitis, type 1 diabetes mellitus, periodontal disease, multi-disciplinary treatment

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