Segmented trans-maxillary approach for clivus tumor resection. Case report

Doroteo Vargas López, Ronald H. Rojas Villegas, Víctor A. García Alcaráz, Gloria Leticia Leticia Lara Fong, Heriberto Herrera Gómez


The complex anatomy exhibited by the vital structures of the skull base hinders surgical resection of tumors present in that area. The main problem when facing tumors lodged in the skull base resides in choosing the most suitable approach. The initial development of skull base surgery was a product of the collaboration between otorhinolaryngology and neurosurgery techniques. The participation of maxillofacial surgeons in these events has been a relatively recent endeavor. In the present instance a case of trans-maxillary approach to access clivus and remove a tumor was presented.

Palabras clave

Clivus tumor, trans-maxillary approach, skull base

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