Implant-supported prosthetic rehabilitation prior to conducting hyperbaric oxygen therapy and after having completed resection of an epidermoid carcinoma from the floor of the mouth and radiotherapy. Clinical case report

Mathias Martínez, Rafael Ruiz Rodríguez, Juan Carlos López Noriega


The present article purports to present a case of implant-supported rehabilitation of a patient who had previously undergone a procedure of fl oor of the mouth squamous cell carcinoma resection followed by radiotherapy (56 Gy total). Treatment consisted on hyperbaric oxygen therapy by means of the following protocol: previous to implant placement: 20 daily sessions, 100% oxygen at 2.4 ATM pressure during 90 minutes as well as 10 daily sessions of 100% oxygen at 2.4 ATM pressure, during 90 minutes after implant placement. Prosthetic rehabilitation was conducted six months after implant placement. It consisted of an implant-supported removable prosthesis with a ring system to achieve retention. Presently the patient is at a two year follow-up period after rehabilitation, and is free of tumor activity in the treated zone. The patient has so far achieved appropriate esthetic and functional results.

Palabras clave

Dental implants, hyperbaric oxygen, oral cancer

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