Atrophic maxilla rehabilitation with use of «All-on-Four» tilted implants

Iván Contreras Molina, Gildardo Contreras Molina, Karla Nunes Teixeira, Pamela Candida Aires Ribas de Andrade, Marco Aurélio Bianchini


Maxillary resorption infl icts limitations to implant placement when using conventional techniques. The concept of «All-on-Four» uses distally inclined implants in edentulous arches; it improves denture support and increases inter-implant distance, providing thus greater stability in the bone with the help of longer implants. For over two decades, different types of therapies have been developed to rehabilitate atrophic or edentulous arches. Obtained results have been of a diverse nature. Among proposed techniques we can count bone graft and maxillary sinus elevation. In order to avoid this type of procedures, a different surgical alternative has been developed: this technique consists on placing four implants, two anterior and two tilted posterior implants, all linked by an infrastructure. The clinical case here presented describes a technique used to restore an atrophic maxilla following the «All-on-Four» concept, with immediate load. The patient was subjected to a one year followup and was satisfi ed with the treatment outcome. To this date, no clinical or radiographic changes have been observed around the dental implants nor have there been prosthetic complications.

Palabras clave

Rehabilitation, atrophic maxilla, All-on-Four.

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