Production and characterization of a cement (CEMP1) recombining protein in Drosophila melanogaster (DML-2-23) cells

Adriana Rivera Priego, Bruno Carmona Rodriguez, Higinio Arzate


To the present date, molecular and cellular factors which regulate cement formation and mineralization processes are not well known. This is mainly due to the lack of a biological marker for this type of tissue. We have recently isolated, cloned and expressed a protein derived from human radicular (root) cement, called cement protein. This protein is expressed by cementoblasts as well as periodontium progenitor cells. The aim of the present work was to express cement protein in Drosophila melanogaster cells, so as to determine, in the future, its post-translational modifi cations. Our results show we have established a cellular line which expresses protein cement in an essential and stable fashion. This fact is of unique importance, since in the mediate future these cells will become the vehicle for cement protein production in suffi cient amounts to determine in a predictable manner, its role during the process of de novo periodontium formation process in animal models.

Palabras clave

Cementum, CEMP1, cementogenesis, periodontal regeneration.

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