Immediate load implants with prosthetic rehabilitation supported by implants in the anterior area: Clinical case presentation

Myriam Neblina Noriega, Guadalupe Marín González, Guadalupe Marín González


One of the treatment options offered to patients requiring replacement of one or more teeth is the use of prostheses supported by implants. Patients nowadays demand greater aesthetic and functional restorations; therefore, the clinician tries to reduce implant load time. All this leads to the implementation of several modifi cations to the conventional surgical and prosthetic protocol leading to a reduction in the load time of the implant. The objective of this article is to present placement of immediate load implants in an aesthetic zone as an alternative for the treatment plan, as well as highlighting the importance of observing surgical-prosthetic inter-discipline to achieve greater success in treatment.

Palabras clave

Implants, immediate load, osseo-integration.

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