Dental characteristics of hypophosphatemic rickets. Case report

Gabriela Godina Hernández, Francisco Belmont Laguna


Hypophosphatemic vitamin-D resistant rickets is characterized by persistent hypophosphatemia and hyperphosphaturia. This metabolic disorder causes deficient calcification of mineralized structures such as bones and teeth. One of the most important oral alterations elicited by this condition is the recurrent formation of «spontaneous» abscesses. These affect multiple caries or trauma to free primary o permanent teeth and are related to a defi cient dentin mineralization. We report a case of hypophosphatemic vitamin-D resistant rickets in a patient who reported multiple dental abscesses and who required treatment consisting in pulpectomies, pulpotomies and chrome-steel crowns in molars and composite resin in anterior teeth. The aim of the present article was to raise awareness on the characteristics of this disorder, as well as its treatment and dental considerations.

Palabras clave

Hypophosphatemic rickets, globular dentin, dental abscess, pulpotomy

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