Oral rehabilitation under general anesthesia of pediatric patient with diagnosis of epidermolysis bullosa. Clinical case report

Elizabeth Xóchitl García Cruz, Eduardo de la Teja Ángeles, Luis Américo Durán Gutiérrez


Epidermolysis bullosa encompasses a group of infrequent skin diseases characterized by the appearance of ulcers and blisters after an event of minor trauma of tangential minimal pressure. This study presents the case of a child treated at the Instituto Nacional de Pediatría (National Pediatrics Institute). The patient was subjected to oral rehabilitation under general anesthesia. A specially tailored team participated; they used devices such as cotton based adhesives and gauze dressings to place vital signs monitors, as well as oil emollients on soft tissues. All the aforementioned items were used with the main objective of avoiding ulcers, blisters or bullae formation. For this group of patients, specifi c handling of the oral cavity as well as tissues within and around the mouth is required. Tailor made preventive programs must also be designed.

Palabras clave

Epidermolysis bullosa, bullae, diffi culties in care, prevention.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.22201/fo.1870199xp.2013.17.2.69718


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