Surgical excision of sialolipoma. Report of clinical case

Óscar Miranda Herrera, Rafael Ruiz Rodríguez, Juan Carlos López Noriega


Sialolipoma is a salivary gland lipoma variant first described in 2001 by Ngao. Presently, there are only 18 documented cases in scientific literature. Most of them were located in the parotid gland. The case here presented is that of a 57 year old male patient, presenting volume increase in the region of the left side of the lower lip. The lesion presented a 5 year evolution. It was treated with excision biopsy. Histopathological results rendered a sialolipoma diagnosis.

Palabras clave

Sialolipoma, lipoma, ductal structures, glandular acini, salivary gland

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