Supernumerary teeth in primary dentition associated to palatal polyps. Case report

Thalia Sánchez Muñoz Ledo, Alejandro Hinojosa Aguirre, Germán Portillo Guerrero, Fernando Tenorio Rocha


Polyps are rare in children. The present article reports the clinical case of a 14 month old male patient brought for treatment to the Pedodontics Clinic of the Graduate School, National School of Dentistry National University of Mexico. He presented two palatal fi bro-epithelial polyps, located at both sides of the incisive papilla. 10 days after surgical excision, a supernumerary tooth erupted in the palate. 25 days later, eruption of a second supernumerary tooth was observed. Both teeth were extracted. Histological diagnosis of palatal lesions was giant fibroblast fibroma. Nevertheless, no histological evidence was found to show possible relationship between presence of palatal polyps and supernumerary teeth.

Palabras clave

Palatal polyps, supernumerary teeth, giant fi broblast fibroma.

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