Construction of a modified overdenture for patient with cleft lip and palate surgery sequels: case report

Federico Torres Terán, César Marín Lázaro, René Jiménez Castillo, Esperanza Alvarado Gamboa, Eileen Uribe Querol


Rehabilitation of patients suffering from cleft lip and palate surgery sequels is still a challenge for health professionals related to both surgical and prosthetic fields. These patients require a multidisciplinary treatment able to offer the best possible rehabilitation alternative. The present article presents a case of total rehabilitation of a patient with sequels to cleft lip and palate surgery (loss of vertical dimension, nasal collapse, upper lip defect, upper and lower jaw discrepancies, oro-antral fi stulae, absence of upper incisors) by means of a modifi ed over-denture (with absence of endodontic treatment). Esthetic and functional results achieved with this treatment were satisfactory as well as achieved in a short period of time.

Palabras clave

Cleft lip and palate, prosthetic rehabilitation, modifi ed over-denture.

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