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Resistance to fracture of teeth with weakened roots using posts with and without root fi lling. A systematic review PDF
Katerine Carvajal Cabrales, Meisser Vidal Madera Anaya, Guillermo Bernett Zurita
Non surgical periodontal treatment in patients with gingivitis and moderate periodontitis. Biochemical and microbiological response PDF
Susana Macín-Cabrera, Mariano Sanz-Alonso, Laura Castrillón-Rivera, Alejandro Palma-Ramos, Norma Noguez-Méndez, Carlos Quirino-Barreda, Alejandro Rubio-Martínez
Characteristics of patients requesting treatment at a periodontics specialty facility in a Chilean population PDF
Israel Antonio Juárez Membreño
Assessment of improved glass ionomer microleakage (Ketac Molar Easymix®) with or without use of a conditioner PDF
Alejandra Jiménez Arribas, Adolfo Yamamoto Nagano
Physicochemical analysis of MTA Angelus® and Biodentine® conducted with X ray difraction, dispersive energy spectrometry, X ray fl uorescence, scanning electron microscope and infra red spectroscopy PDF
Alejandra Citlalli Rodríguez Rocha, Genoveva Hernández Padrón, Margarita V García Garduño, Raúl Luis García Aranda
Clinical implications of Enterococcus faecalis microbial contamination in root canals of devitalized teeth: Literature review PDF
Cynthia Rodríguez-Niklitschek, Gonzalo H Oporto V


Adenomatoid odontogenic tumor. Case report and literature review PDF
Risk Díaz Castillejos, Ana María Nieto Munguía, Guillermina Castillo Ham
Comprehensive prosthetic rehabilitation in absence of the maxilla. Clinical case report PDF
María de Lourdes Mendoza Ugalde, José Federico Torres Terán, René Jiménez Castillo


Ongoing strategies against mitochondrial diseases: prevention and development of genetic therapies PDF
Diego González Halphen


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