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Candidate markers, culture strategies and DPSC perspectives used as cellular therapy in dentistry PDF
Stefanny Romero, Katherine Córdoba, Katherine Córdoba, Carlos A. Martínez Valbuena, Carlos A. Martínez Valbuena, Juan G. Gutiérrez Quintero, Juan G. Gutiérrez Quintero, Juan Y. Durán Riveros, Juan Y. Durán Riveros, Juan Carlos Munévar Niño, Juan Carlos Munévar Niño
Warthin’s tumor: An experience of the General Hospital «Calixto García». Havana, Cuba PDF
Alejandro Donohue Cornejo, Ana Dolores Mori Estévez, Guillermo Sánchez Acuña, Dalia Abril Guzmán Gastelum, Raúl A. Sánchez Rubio Carrillo, Daniel Alberto Constandse Cortez, Luis Alberto Gaitán Cepeda
Infl uence exerted by thermal changes in the transverse defl ection of acrylic materials used for denture bases, with and without metallic inserts PDF
Alejandro Osorio Naranjo, Jorge Guerrero Ibarra, Alejandro Santos Espinoza
Prevalence of malocclusions at the Orthodontics Department of the Graduate School, National School of Dentistry, National University of Mexico (UNAM) PDF
Sergio Tokunaga C., Mario Katagiri K., Haroldo Elorza PT


Giant cell peripheral granuloma: post-surgical recurrence. Literature review and clinical case report PDF
Luis Oliva, Mercy de Oliva, Néstor Herrera, Roberto Andrade
Intrinsic tooth whitening using thermo-catalytic technique. Clinical case report PDF
Norberto Juárez Broon, Santiago Andaracua García, Diana Karina Barrera Zamacona
Periodontal disease in adolescent Down’ syndrome patients. Clinical case presentation PDF
Mariana Benítez Toledo, Patricia López M., Adolfo Yamamoto N.
Implant-supported prosthetic rehabilitation prior to conducting hyperbaric oxygen therapy and after having completed resection of an epidermoid carcinoma from the floor of the mouth and radiotherapy. Clinical case report PDF
Mathias Martínez, Rafael Ruiz Rodríguez, Juan Carlos López Noriega


History, whatever for? PDF
Martha Díaz Gómez


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