El conejo y la coyota, un cuento kanjobal de Santa Eulalia, Huehuetenango, Guatemala

Karen Dakin, Diego de Diego Antonio


In this Kanjobal story, a male rabbit chases a female coyote because he wants to run off with her. She is trapped by some falling trees. The coyote's father appears and asks the rabbit to help him get her out. When the rabbit is not strong enough to help him, the father asks the lion. They free the daughter coyote, but the father and the lion are in turn trapped. The rabbit then elopes with the coyote. Further episodes concern what they eat, and how they escape from the mother coyote and the lion' s wife. The tale is one of many rabbit stories from the region.

Palabras clave

Texto oral; Kanjobal, Santa Eulalia; Huehuetenango; Guatemala

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