Herbig-Haro objects around CG 30

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P. Kajdi
B. Reipurth
A. C. Raga
J. Walawender


In this work we study Herbig-Haro objects located in the region around the head of the cometary globule CG 30. Two sets of optical images are presented. The first set was obtained with the 3.5 m New Technology Telescope in 1995 in three emission lines: Hα, [S II] λ λ6731,6716 Å and [O II] λ3729 Å. The second set is an H image of the CG 30/31/38 complex obtained in 2006 with the 8 m Subaru telescope. A proper motion study of the HH objects in the region was performed using the H images from both epochs. Due to the high resolution of our images we were able, for the first time, to resolve the HH 120 object into ten knots and measure proper motions for some of them. We discovered several new HH objects which are best seen in our [S II] image as well as a large bipolar jet, HH 950, emerging from the head of CG 30. We suggest that two previously known submillimeter sources are the driving sources for the HH 120 and HH 950 flows. They could both be binary sources, because (1) the proper motion vectors of the HH 120 knots suggest that this object is actually composed of two outflows and (2) the structure of the HH 950
flow suggests that the direction of the jet axis has changed in the past.

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Kajdi, P., Reipurth, B., Raga, A. C., & Walawender, J. (2016). Herbig-Haro objects around CG 30. Revista Mexicana De Astronomía Y Astrofísica, 46(1). Retrieved from https://www.revistas.unam.mx/index.php/revmexaa/article/view/23610