Site Prospection at San Pedro Mártir


  • J. Bohigas
  • J. M. Núñez
  • P. F. Guillén
  • F. Lazo
  • D. Hiriart
  • T. Calvario
  • O. Escoboza
  • A. Córdova
  • J. Valdez
  • E. Sohn


atmospheric e ffects, site testing


Seeing and weather observations were conducted at 5 sites within the boundaries of the area reserved for astronomy at the Sierra de San Pedro Mártir National Park (SPM), for at least 15 nights at each one of these. Weather variables were measured using a Davis Weather Station and a Metek Ultrasonic Anemometer. Seeing information was collected with a NOAO RoboDIMM unit. Seeing and weather results were compared to those being delivered at the same time by the instrumentation of the Thirty Meter Telescope Project at the Observatorio Astronómico Nacional (OAN) at SPM. Seeing differences are small in most cases. We recommend a long term campaign at the easily accessible site Llano Alto 1, where we found that seeing may be slightly better.